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Came in before it was due

Very Timely and they had information on web sight for different configurations. I did hook one lead up to a power side and need to replace unit but that was my fault. However it still works with a slight mod, so I can't complain.

Very happy with this product

This little controller is worth it. It has solved all my problems with my RV genset. Works grate! Very happy with this product.

Great generator controller for gas and diesel generators.

Great generator controller. Worth every penny! You need to follow the instructions and you will need to be familiar with your generator in order to install it. Seller offers good technical support and responsive. I also ordered the wireless remote accessory which allows me to start/stop the diesel generator in the garage from the house. My generator needed a relay for the glow plugs and I also purchased them from Jeenda. Very configurable for gas or diesel types. Easy to program. Just push button to start or stop and it monitors oil pressure and engine temperature, speed, voltage and frequency with automatic shut down and any shut down fault clearly shown on the panel.

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