Automatic Voltage Regulator AVR R726 for Leroy somer



New AVR Leroy Somer R726 Automatic Voltage Regulator R726

The additional Module R 726 enables to operate the following automatic voltage regulators (the 1ST FUNCTION being VOLTAGE REGULATION) into a so said "4 FUNCTIONS" regulation system : the 2nd FUNCTION being the POWER FACTOR ("COS ") REGULATION, using an additional C.T., when the alternator is paralleling with the mains., the 3rd FUNCTION being the BALANCE (EQUALIZATION) OF VOLTAGES before paralleling (U = U) which is generally realized by a synchronizer controlling the remote voltage trimmer of the automatic voltage regulator, the 4th FUNCTION (working with the 3rd) is parallel operation with other(s) alternator(s) equipped with the same module R726 during voltage equalization before paralleling with the mains.

The Leroy Somer R726 module has 4 main uses:

1) Helps regulate the voltage.
2) Power Factor Regulation feature
3) Equalization of incoming voltages
4) Enables efficient parallel operations.

This regulator is compatible with the R438, R448, R129/R128A, R129 voltage regulators.